I would like to thank everyone who helped me make my website and my blog. First of all I would like to thank the team at Mecksite who showed a tireless patience in implementing all my creative wishes. You took care that everything works just as I imagined and hoped it to be. Thank you! Next, I would like to thank Geo, who supports me with 100% confidence and many brilliant ideas. Thank you for being as special as you are. My special thanks go out to Leti and George. Not one day of this project would have been possible without you. Selfless you have supported me and given me every single minute that I could devote to my work. Thank you for your unfatiguing and caring help.

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Business cards – born in the USA

As you already know, I revised the look of my company. Naturally I redesigned my business cards as well. Today, I would like to show you the result and introduce the person who helped me make it possible. It is very common that experts in a specific area of expertise can easily help others. But when it comes to developing something for themselves they stall. That is exactly what happened to me when I started a few weeks ago. After hours of pondering I realized that I wanted a simple business card and that I wanted to change the dimensions a little. No sooner said than down. I chose a narrow format. But because it seemed to simple printing the business cards in the usual manner, I looked for a special solution. Embossing was not a choice because it didn’t fit well with my design. I had the idea of using thicker paper and engrave the letters. After all, that looked good with my typewriter font. Excited about the idea I started searching for someone who could help me. I soon realized that the task proved harder than I thought. So I decided to expand my search radius and finally found Evan Calkins.
Evan runs the company Hoban Cards located in Centralia Washington. All Cards are handprinted on a 1902 Chandler and Price Letterpress. The result is truly unique. The Service is very good and Evan is very friendly. So if you are looking for something good and you are searching for an outstanding design I recommend peeking in here: oder Worldwide shipping ist not an issue. And here’s a short video showing Evan at work.

New School Hoban Press from DonVintage on Vimeo.

Thank you Evan, for those wonderful business cards!


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TYPO London 2011

From 20th until the 22nd October the event TYPO London (based on the TYPO Berlin conference) will take place in the heart of London at Logan Hall, University of London. TYPO is directed at creative people of any kind. Among the speakers are designers and artists like Laurence Weiner, Tom Uglow creative lead at Google, filmmaker Gary Hustwit, Erik Spiekermann from Edenspiekermann, Jeff Faulkner creative director at Xbox, Michael Bierut partner at Pentagram New York just and many more. It will be a very informative event. The exact agenda has not yet been released. More information and tickets can be found at

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