Are Design Firms The New Rock Bands?

A funny and good written article about designers and their way of working these days. Written by Joel Edmondson, Creative Director at stylefactory, published at the Huffington Post.
“…The way they work on their design projects (and dress) reminds me of my garage band in college. We would work tirelessly, from 6 PM until 3 AM on honing our craft and we dressed the part. The drummer wore a white t-shirt, the bassist was a bit nerdy, and I, as the lead guitarist had to have wild hair.

With their skinny jeans and well-groomed facial hair, designers are now forming collectives, firms and clubs more than ever. Designers band together because in today’s competitive design arena, two heads are invariably better than one, and three better than two, and so on. Even the archetypal designer Charles Eames credits his best work to collaborations with wife Rae…”. Full Article

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