Arabesque 2 – Graphic Design from the Arab World and Persia

Fall is here. The days are getting shorter, the wind is cold and the temperature is getting frosty. Just perfect to stay home, cuddle up on the sofa and grab a good book to read. Here’s my recommendation: Arabesque 2. It was published this year in September by Die Gestalten. The two editors Ben Wittner and Sascha Thoma take you to the arabic and persian world. Impressively they show us how cultural and modern influences mix into its own new style.

Die Gestalten Verlag: “Arabesque 2 is a collection of recent cutting-edge work by young designers and activists from the Arab world and Iran. The examples of typography, graphic design, logos, editorial design, and illustration presented here chart a compelling course between local visual convention and a modern international style that is emblematic of the increasing cultural emancipation of the entire Middle East. The book’s rich selection of groundbreaking visuals is supplemented by texts and interviews that describe the environments in which the featured designers and artists work. Arabesque 2 also includes a preface by John Martin, co-founder of Art Dubai, and a CD-ROM with 4 typefaces related to its themes.”

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