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I am back from my easter holidays. I hope you had some nice days too. There is something I wanted to share with you for a while now: it’s the design blog CreativeMug made by my friend Elisa Vernazza and her husband Fabio Bernardi, two incredably talented italian graphic designers who are based in London. After many years together, they now also collaborated with their work. Their new studio is called Apple&Pear and is also, like CreativeMug, driven by their passion for visual arts and design and the love for doing things together.

CreativeMug started in 2011. In this blog Elisa and Fabio share everything they like and what inspired them and everything that make them think. Lucky for us- they have a very good taste and so CreativeMug happened to be an incredible collection of beautiful art and design work. The themes are a wide range of visual arts and design (including illustrations, print design, packaging design, photography and many more). The name CreativeMug is inspired by their addiction to green tea and by their obsession for collecting mugs.

About Elisa and Fabio:

Fabio is a freelance designer with an experience across a wide range of disciplines and industries, from web design, to graphic design, photography and print production. He is inquisitive and curious. He loves backing, thinking, discovering new things, drinking organic green tea & collecting mugs.

Elisa originally studied architecture, which gave her a great understanding of the core elements of the design process, suitable for a wide range of disciplines, from product design to graphic design. She is fascinated by simple solutions in complex problems and is obsessed by details. She loves eating cookies, making  things, writing about design, drinking organic green tea & collecting mugs.

In their own words:

CreativeMug is the inspiration blog of Apple&Pear Studio, filtered through elisa & fabio’s eye{glasses}, italian wife & husband by chance, designer for love. CreativeMug is as an unusual break from ordinary life, with a mug of creativity in your hand, enjoying good contents focused on graphics / visual arts / design & creativity in everyday life.”

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