Absolute Blank – Creative expression


Absolute Blank, the new marketing campaign by Absolute Vodka, gives artists a platform to express themselves creatively.

The base is a large cardboard Absolute Vodka bottle. The shape is the only limitation. The rest is up to the artist. Participants are artists such as: Adhemas Batista, Aestethic Apparatus, Brett Amory, Dave Kinsey, David Bray, Eduardo Recife, Fernando Chamarelli, Good Wives & Warriors, Jeremy Fish, Ludovica Gioscia, Marcus Jansen, Mario Wagner, Morning Breath, Robert Mars, Sam Flores, Thomas Doyle, UVA and Zac Freeman. You can find more information on the website of Absolut Blank. Absolut Blank: “The 20 artists participating in ABSOLUT BLANK represent a variety of creative disciplines from across the globe; from drawing, painting and sculpting to film making and digital art. Among the artworks are UVA’s high intensity, bright and striking light installations, Mario Wagner’s attention-grabbing cut-out imagery, the colourful and playful graphic design of Aesthetic Apparatus, the bold illustrations of Kinsey and the detailed work of Good Wives and Warriors.read more

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International Year of Chemistry 2011 – Poster

International “what”? Exactly, it is the international year of chemistry and I am sure I wouldn’t be writing about it if it wasn’t for Simon C. Page, illustrator and graphic designer, who designed a great series of posters on this occasion. You can view and even buy Simons designs on his website. Chemistry has never been more beautiful. Here are a few examples of his work:
And special thanks go out to Mirko Humbert whos blog Designer Daily has drawn my attention to these amazing posters.

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novum – High standard cover design

The november issue of novum, one of the leading design magazines in the international graphic design scene, has created something big. The creative agency Paperlux (based in Hamburg) designed a cover for novum, “which can be formed into three dimensional shapes and invites you to play around with it” (novum). Paperlux was inspired by Richard Buckminster Fuller’s concepts. The “living sequin picture” (printarena) that was created, was designed as 6 different cover versions in 48.000 print sequences. 104 cutter lines per cover gave the high quality carton its bendable shape. It is hard to describe the exceptional structure that was created by Paperlux (conception and creation) in cooperation with printarena (printing and press cut), Jürgen Jeurink (cutting die) and EMAG Papierveredelungs GmbH (lamination). More about the development process can be seen in the nice video that was shot by Paperlux during the production process. Here are some visual impressions of the masterpiece:

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Fruita Blanch – New design

Thanks to AisleOne I have recently come across a really nice packaging and identity design. The Spanish graphic design agency Atipus created a new design for Fruita Blanch. The result is a very nice font and color selection which perfectly underlines the products naturalness and simultaneously makes it look very modern.
Business card and letterhead

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