Noma Bar – The master of negative spaces

Noma Bar an israeli graphic designer, who is very famous for his negative space illustrations, is nominated for the Designs of the Year Graphics Award 2012. Take a peak at his amazing work and the artist himself. See more…

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Friends of Type – Amazing typographic design and lettering

As I am getting a lot of emails about which blogs I like most, I thought I should make you a ‘favorites list’. But as it is quite unspectecular to write down a few links of blogs, I will write you a short outline of all the amazing blogs and the outstanding people behind them. I will try to make a daily (or at least regularly) favorites’-post, until the list is full. So let’s start:

The first blog I will present to you is also one of the highest on my list: Friends of Type. Friends of Type is a 2009 founded and (nearly) daily updated blog, filled with incredibly amazing typographic design and lettering. All designs are drawn and/or digitized by the four contributers Aaron CarambulaErik MarinovichDennis PayongayongJason Wong. The great thing about Friends of Type isn’t only the (again) incredible design (I filled the whole wall behind my desk with their letterings, to get me in a happy and designy mood every day), but the content itself. The great mix of humor and personal stuff somehow lets you feel, like you are also part of the FoT-Team, even if you are nearly 6000 miles away. So I raise my glass to my good old (it’s been two years now) ‘Friends’ and their great collection of amazing typographic designs and letterings.

In their own words:
Friends of Type features original typographic design and lettering – fresh visual content – practically every day, by the four primary contributors. Posts are meant to log ideas, express ourselves, and inspire each other and our readers. The last week of every month we feature a guest designer, someone we admire and think will elevate our work and the site through their contribution. This is a sketchbook, an archive, a dialogue. The posts are sketches and ideas on visualized language; a collaborative habit born out of the realtime interactions that made us friends in the first place.

Also follow Friends of Type on:


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Absolute Blank – Creative expression


Absolute Blank, the new marketing campaign by Absolute Vodka, gives artists a platform to express themselves creatively.

The base is a large cardboard Absolute Vodka bottle. The shape is the only limitation. The rest is up to the artist. Participants are artists such as: Adhemas Batista, Aestethic Apparatus, Brett Amory, Dave Kinsey, David Bray, Eduardo Recife, Fernando Chamarelli, Good Wives & Warriors, Jeremy Fish, Ludovica Gioscia, Marcus Jansen, Mario Wagner, Morning Breath, Robert Mars, Sam Flores, Thomas Doyle, UVA and Zac Freeman. You can find more information on the website of Absolut Blank. Absolut Blank: “The 20 artists participating in ABSOLUT BLANK represent a variety of creative disciplines from across the globe; from drawing, painting and sculpting to film making and digital art. Among the artworks are UVA’s high intensity, bright and striking light installations, Mario Wagner’s attention-grabbing cut-out imagery, the colourful and playful graphic design of Aesthetic Apparatus, the bold illustrations of Kinsey and the detailed work of Good Wives and more

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Abstract Sunday – Live-illustrating the New York City Marathon

Christoph Niemann, an illustrator, designer and author of Abstract Sunday, a column for the New York Times Magazine ran the New York City Marathon last sunday. Niemann “live-illustrated” that event. Thank you for such a funny sunday in 46 sketches. You can see the entire marathon at Abstract Sunday or at the  Twitter-Account of Christoph Niemanns. Very recommandable. Here are some extracts:

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