Marta Brinchi Giusti – InfameStudio

Marta Brinchi Giusti - Graphic Design for InfameStudio

I like the work of Marta Brinchi Giusti for InfameStudio, a Barcelona-based design studio. Marta is a 26 year old graphic designer, who is currently living in Rome after graduating in Graphic Design at Barcelona-based Eina School. See more…

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Corporate Design – TATABI STUDIO

Corporate Design Logo

The Dublin based graphic and web design studio TATABI STUDIO came up with a new corporate design. I really like the new look. More images here.

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Fruita Blanch – New design

Thanks to AisleOne I have recently come across a really nice packaging and identity design. The Spanish graphic design agency Atipus created a new design for Fruita Blanch. The result is a very nice font and color selection which perfectly underlines the products naturalness and simultaneously makes it look very modern.
Business card and letterhead

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