Bookbike – Clever Design

Chic and useful in two ways: the Bookbike by BYografia. Comes in the colors white and anthracite. A blessing for every city apartement.

(Thank you Viviana)

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First Issue – Self-Publishing Book Fair for Design and Art

There have been many reports about the ‘First Issue‘, but once more I would like to remind everyone that it is taking place parallel to the Frankfurt Book Fair from 14 – 15 October. First Issue is a self-publishing fair for design and art. There will be graphic designers, authors and artists who publish their own books, magazines and collectors’ items. As the name suggests this will be the first time for the ‘First Issue’ to take place. The theme will be “Print Culture – Dead or Alive?!”. The fair is organized by the Design-Verein Frankfurt e.V., as part of the basis Herbstprogramm. For more information click here.

The organizer about the fair: Now, after App Store and E-Book, we are returning to print. Parallel to the Frankfurt Book Fair, young designers, artists and authors will display printed publications and artfully crafted collectibles which are created, published and sold by themselves. Pioneers of the self-publishing scene from all over Europe will speak at the conference. Dead or alive? Few other branches predict their own demise as often as the book industry. Yet despite the pessimistic “book-is-dead” lament of many experts, countless new books are again being published this year. Now, parallel to the Frankfurt Book Fair, a new event is being launched that shows that young designers and artists are again intensely involved in printing and paper. Self-publishing in design and art is the topic of the event known as “First Issue”. As the name implies, this event sees itself as the first of a series, to be followed by a Second and Third Issue and many more. A new start. “Print is not dead at all, but is rather reinventing itself anew”, declares the graphic designer Sandra Doeller from Design-Verein Frankfurt, herself a young publisher playing a key role in the realization of this event. In other words, the creative originators are taking the publishing of their work into their own hands. Illustrators, graphic designers, authors and artists are financing, publishing and distributing their own books, fanzines, catalogues, magazines and collectibles themselves. These can be marketed, for example, through the artist’s own homepages, websites, blogs and the social media. In doing so, these new publishers are less interested in turning a possible profit and far more in the view of design and print as an independent form of artistic expression. At “First Issue”, young publishers from both Germany and abroad will introduce their publications, or will speak and work during the conference and the accompanying events on the topic of “Print Culture – Dead or Alive?!”.

If you want to have more information about the exhibitors in advance, check out the list: AKV Berlin (DE), Album (DE), Catalogue (UK), Dent-De-Leone (UK), Edition Fink (CH), Edition Taube (DE), Fillip (CA), fourfiveX (DE), Für Dich Verlag (BE), Gloria Glitzer (DE), Grilli (CH), Hands on Papers (DE), Horizonte (DE), JSBJ (FR), Jung und Wenig (DE), KRITIKA (LT), Lubok Verlag (DE), Manystuff (FR), Mathias Ringgenberg (NL), mono.kultur (DE), Nero Publishing (IT), Nieves (CH), Occasional Papers (UK), oodee (UK), Prima Publications (DE), Random Press (DE/PT), Rollo Press (CH), Ruine Magazin (DE), Shake Your Tree (DE), Slanted (DE), Spector Books (DE), Stefan Marx (DE), tri-publications (CH), Werkplaats Typografie (NL). Some exhibitors have already been at the NY ART BOOK FAIR. Here are some visual impressions.

Friday 14.–Saturday 15. October 2011
Fair, Exhibition, Live events, 3–9 pm
Conference program on Friday and Saturday, 4–8 pm

basis e.V.
Gutleutstraße 8–12
Frankfurt am Main

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Creative Catalyst – Your design for a good cause

At the Creative Catalyst: Design for Change Contest by Veer you can create a design to support a social project of your choice. Veer: ”We would like you to create a design for a project which is important to you personally. You can choose any theme as long as it has a social focus, i.e. a theme that is concerned with people. Your design should be fascinating and have a clear message. Good luck!” First Place wins a € 2000 donation for your project, a public presentation of your work in Berlin and London, as well as a two page presentation of yourself and your work in Computer Arts Magazine and 2000 Veer credits. Submission for your work will be accepted from 15 October to 14 November 2011. For more information visit the official website.

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Business cards – born in the USA

As you already know, I revised the look of my company. Naturally I redesigned my business cards as well. Today, I would like to show you the result and introduce the person who helped me make it possible. It is very common that experts in a specific area of expertise can easily help others. But when it comes to developing something for themselves they stall. That is exactly what happened to me when I started a few weeks ago. After hours of pondering I realized that I wanted a simple business card and that I wanted to change the dimensions a little. No sooner said than down. I chose a narrow format. But because it seemed to simple printing the business cards in the usual manner, I looked for a special solution. Embossing was not a choice because it didn’t fit well with my design. I had the idea of using thicker paper and engrave the letters. After all, that looked good with my typewriter font. Excited about the idea I started searching for someone who could help me. I soon realized that the task proved harder than I thought. So I decided to expand my search radius and finally found Evan Calkins.
Evan runs the company Hoban Cards located in Centralia Washington. All Cards are handprinted on a 1902 Chandler and Price Letterpress. The result is truly unique. The Service is very good and Evan is very friendly. So if you are looking for something good and you are searching for an outstanding design I recommend peeking in here: oder Worldwide shipping ist not an issue. And here’s a short video showing Evan at work.

New School Hoban Press from DonVintage on Vimeo.

Thank you Evan, for those wonderful business cards!


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