They are definitely one of the big ones of 2011. Paperlux has drawn the audience’s attention by designing the cover of novum’s November issue. But in fact they have been playing in the first league for quite some time now. Hermès has already titled Paperlux “Atelier Artisan” and their clients are major companies such as Montblanc, Alexander McQueen, Adidas, Goldene Kamera, Stöver and many more. Their work stands out through high quality, extraordinary materials and downright love for detail. Paperlux creates artwork in limited quantity. But if you expect a bunch of reserved art directors in an arty office you would be suprised. Behind the door of the frame house located at Schanzenviertel Hamburg you will find many school furniture, one of Max Kuehne’s passions who is the founder and owner of Paperlux. This office is the home of a team of creative individualists who Max Kuehne lovingly calls his family. Reason enough for us to peak behind the scenes.

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novum – High standard cover design

The november issue of novum, one of the leading design magazines in the international graphic design scene, has created something big. The creative agency Paperlux (based in Hamburg) designed a cover for novum, “which can be formed into three dimensional shapes and invites you to play around with it” (novum). Paperlux was inspired by Richard Buckminster Fuller’s concepts. The “living sequin picture” (printarena) that was created, was designed as 6 different cover versions in 48.000 print sequences. 104 cutter lines per cover gave the high quality carton its bendable shape. It is hard to describe the exceptional structure that was created by Paperlux (conception and creation) in cooperation with printarena (printing and press cut), Jürgen Jeurink (cutting die) and EMAG Papierveredelungs GmbH (lamination). More about the development process can be seen in the nice video that was shot by Paperlux during the production process. Here are some visual impressions of the masterpiece:

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