AIGA Design Show 2012 – Invitations are out

The invitations for the upcoming (May 4th 2012) AIGA Design Show 2012 are out. As every year the winner of last year’s ‘People’s Choice’ is responsible for the design of the upcoming year. 2012 the design was in the hands of Studio On Fire who made an amazing job. See more images here.

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Studio On Fire

Today I would like to introduce to you a very special book. This is a compilation of work by Ben Levitz’s Design Studio (and Letterpress Service) Studio On Fire. The book of the same name was published by Gestalten and shows Studio on Fire’s many small and large art works. This book is a true source of inspiration and does not cease to amaze how rich in detail work is becoming thanks to traditional printing techniques. For anybody who wants to take a look behind the scenes of Studio On Fire, watch the video below:

Video by gestalten tv.

Gestalten Verlag: Studio On Fire is at the forefront of the current letterpress movement—the rediscovery of old printing machines and techniques by young designers. The phenomenal detail and haptic sensuousness of their work have made this Minnesota-based company a seminal reference for how to effectively blend current and classical graphic design styles with production methods.

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