The Art of Storytelling – Graffiti, outsider art and unpopular culture

A few days ago I talked to Joe Crisafi, about his new project The Art of Storytelling. Joe Crisafi: “The Art of Storytelling is a book series about graffiti, outsider art and unpopular culture. Their first book sub-titled Under the Influence is the culmination of two and a half years of interview and story gathering from some of the most monumental names in the underground. Featuring interviews with Estevan Oriol, Ricky Powell, Zephyr, Bas Rutten, Eli Gesner and a ton of others. (…) Everyone told us not to print any books because print is supposedly dead, but the response has been really good. I think there is still a lot of people that still enjoy print.” Yes we love print, so please feel free to support this project and order the first book right now.

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